Blog Prompt response to . Jagged worldviews colliding. Bear, L. L. (2000)

As England extended its reach into other countries and cultures, it endeavoured to make the world England. It did this by physical force (a military presence) and by the laws it made and enforced. The domination came by of policy-making that would affect the marginalized people. Examples of such policies are that education to be only delivered in English, that only English would be used when accessing services, such and health care and other essential services.

It would be easy to look at a white male from England that I would not have experienced an oppressive and discriminatory education. However the way I was taught was the same way that students from other cultures were taught. There was a right way and a wrong way, and there was generally a punitive measure attached to the wrong way.  Discipline was often swift and often painful. We all had an assembly and had to sing stirring 19th century hymns such as “onward Christian soldiers” and “Jerusalem”. 1880’s colonial England was alive and well in 1980s Yorkshire. When it came to math, it was straight out of the text book, no deviations 1+2+3 etc. we learned rote times tables and formula. We understood little, but by god we remembered formula.

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I am currently attending the University of Regina's Faculty of Education as a Second-year student. I will be working towards a degree in Elementary education with a Middle school focus. I am a mature student with over 30 years experience for working in sports coaching (swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming) where I have worked with many amazing athletes from all age groups (3-93 years old) socioeconomic backgrounds with abilities and disabilities. I arrived in Canada in 2003 from the UK and have a wife, and daughter and a dog. "I may not be where I intended to go, but i have ended up where I was meant to be" - Douglas Adams

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